Ahlan Doctor - Online Doctor's Appointment Application

  • Cleint: Ahlan Doctor

  • Year: 2018

  • Role: Back-End Developer

Project Overview:

Ahlan Doctor is a groundbreaking platform that has revolutionized the way patients in the UAE find and book appointments with top doctors. The primary objective of this project was to enhance the scheduling process by providing clients and patients with a convenient and efficient platform to instantly book appointments at their preferred time and location.

Role as a Back-end Developer:

As a back-end developer, my role in this project was crucial. I was responsible for developing the server-side logic, database integration, and APIs. Using technologies such as Laravel, PHP 7.3, Navicat Premium, and various web technologies like HTML5, CSS3, JS, jQuery, and Ajax, implemented the necessary functionality to support the seamless booking of appointments and efficient data management.

Key Features Implemented:

The website incorporated essential features such as:

  • User-friendly Interface: The web application offers an intuitive and user-friendly interface, allowing patients to easily navigate and access the information they need to book appointments.

  • Comprehensive Doctor Directory: The application provides a comprehensive directory of top doctors in the UAE, along with their specialties, qualifications, and availability. Patients can search for doctors based on their medical needs and preferences.

  • Instant Appointment Booking: Patients can instantly book appointments with their preferred doctors based on the available time slots. The application dynamically updates the available time slots, ensuring accurate scheduling.

  • Admin Dashboard: The application included an admin dashboard that allowed administrators to manage hospitals and clinics. Admins could add or remove clinic details, manage insurance information, and handle doctors' schedules and specialties. This centralized management system streamlined the administrative tasks and facilitated smooth operation of the platform.


The Online Doctor's Appointment Web Application has achieved remarkable results since its launch. Patients now have a convenient and efficient platform to find and book appointments with top doctors, resulting in reduced waiting times and improved access to healthcare services.

Technologies Used:

  • PHP: We utilized PHP as the primary programming language for the website's backend development. PHP allowed us to handle server-side functionalities such as user authentication, product management, order processing, and database integration.

  • Laravel: A powerful PHP framework, was employed to expedite the development process and ensure code maintainability. The framework offered a robust set of libraries, helpers, and components that aided in creating a scalable and efficient platform.

  • HTML5, CSS3, JS: We utilized HTML5, CSS3, and JavaScript to design and develop the website's frontend. HTML5 provided a semantic structure to the web pages, CSS3 enabled us to style the website with customized layouts, colors, and fonts, while JavaScript enhanced interactivity and user experience.

  • Visual Studio Code: Visual Studio Code served as the IDE for the project. Its extensive features and extensions simplified code editing, debugging, and collaboration among the development team, boosting productivity throughout the development lifecycle.